Laboratory Testing

As a premier chemical laboratory, Jefcor offers the following types of laboratory testing:

Pesticide Laboratory Testing

Formulation Analysis, Research, and Development
Includes identification and quantification, physico-chemical properties, storage stability and GLP requirements for FPA registration. We develop pesticide formulation for clients.

Pesticide Residue Analysis
Pesticide Residue Analysis covers all residue analyses of Herbicides, Nematicides, Insecticides and fungicides including household pesticides on agricultural matrices, processed foods, feedstuff, soil, sediments, water, etc.

Supervised Pesticide Residue Trials (SPRT)
We conduct Supervised Pesticide Residue Trials in crops as requirement for pesticide registrations.

Environmental Laboratory Testing

Water and Wastewater Analysis
BOD, COD, TSS, Oil and Grease, pH, Heavy metals, Nitrates, Ammonia, Phosphates, Chlorides, Residual Chlorine, Hardness, Alkalinity, Acidity, Sulphate, MBAS as SDS and others
Organic: PCB, OCl & OP, alcohol, trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene and other hydrocarbons.

Soils and Sediments
Soil Analysis: PCB, OCl, & OP Pesticides, Metals (heavy), and pH determination, Organic Matter

Air Quality Monitoring
Ambient: NOx, TSP, and Metals: Hg, Co, Pb, As, etc.
Stack: Method 29, SO2, NO2, CO, PM, BTEX, Aromatics, volatile organic, etc.

LPG analysis
Compositional and Copper corrosion analysis

Microbiology Laboratory Testing
Total and Fecal coliform, Heterotophic plate count, E. Coli and others.